Old School Castile Soap Starter Kit


Get an update on your Grandpa's old timey soap with this concentrated castile soap.  Millions of uses in this bottle.  Well, not millions.  But many!  Well, not THAT many.  But at least a few, which is more than can be said for most products! 

The kit includes 1 bottle of castile soap (11 fl oz) and 1 refillable aluminum bottle with foaming pump.


Legend has it that the Castile Soap can be used as:

Body Wash: Dilute 3oz of castile soap in a Phil's foamer bottle.

In a Spray Bottle: Dilute 2oz with 32oz of water in a spray bottle for a great household cleaner.  Or 2oz in a gallon of water to mop your philthy floor.

Straight From the Bottle: Put a few drops on a wash cloth as a body wash.  Pour some into a bath.  Smells so refreshing and good.

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